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"...This data is telling; people are unsatisfied. Traditional perks like higher salaries aren’t enough to convince people to join a new company or stay with the one they’re already with. For Gen Z (born 1994–2008), the number on their paycheck isn’t even a top-three priority, according to the 2017 Change Generation Report conducted by the Lovell Corporation. “One of the biggest shifts between generations is Generation Z’s emphasis on passion in their work and career success,” the study states. “For the first time, passion is ranked as one of the top three work values. Employers will be required to keep their spark alive in the workplace—ensuring work speaks to individual interests, provides growth and aligns with employee values.”

This article was written for Steelcase's 360 Magazine: Fast Forward and highlights the push for passion-driven work.

Talent Search: It's all about a great employee experience

Photo: Jeremy Frechette, © 1996 - 2018 Steelcase Inc.

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